Korte Film Poule

EYE makes available a large number of short films, documentaries and animations for film theatres in the Netherlands with the new Short Film Pool. Subscribers will have unlimited access to the Short Pool’s supply of short films.
The 250 short films currently on offer come from the Filmbank/EYE collections, Kort!, the NIAf (Netherlands Institute for Animation Film) and independent distributors like Il Luster.
The Short Film Pool will also be annually updated with a selection of Dutch graduation films and the new offerings of Kort! Short films.
All Short Film Pool films are screened on the DCP format.

The Short Film Pool also offers special educational programmes with a sophisticated range of films for primary and secondary schools. The programmes include teaching material geared to the core and learning objectives of the national curriculum and educational themes.

The Short Film Pool offers cinemas across the country compilation programmes on specific themes, filmmakers or special occasions.

International Short Films
As a result of EYE entering into a partnership with several other European short film distributors, a selection of some 30 European short films is now available in the Short Film Pool in addition to the existing wide range of Dutch short films.

After registering on this website, subscribers are able to view and order films directly online. It is also possible to browse the full range of films on this website.

Subscribed Cinemas
Alkmaar - Filmhuis
Almelo - Filmhuis Almelo
Amersfoort - Filmtheater De Lieve Vrouw
Amsterdam - EYE
Amsterdam - Filmtheater Kriterion​
Amsterdam - Het Ketelhuis
Apeldoorn - Podium & Filmtheater Gigant
Arnhem - Focus Filmtheater
Breda - Chassé Cinema
Bussum - Filmhuis Bussum
Den Haag - Filmhuis Den Haag 
Deventer - Filmhuis De Keizer
​Dordrecht - Cinema The Movies
Eindhoven - NatLab door Plaza Futura
Enschede - Concordia
Geldermalsen - Filmtheater LingeFilm
Groningen - Groninger Forum
Hilversum - Filmtheater Hilversum
Hoorn - Cinema Oostereiland
Maastricht - Lumière Cinema
Middelburg - Cinema Middelburg
Nijmegen - Lux
Oudenbosch - Filmtheater Fanfare
Veendam - Filmhuis VanBeresteyn
Vlaardingen - Filmtheater 't Zeepaard
Vlieland - Podium Vlieland
Voorschoten - Filmtheater Voorschoten