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Production Year: 
6 min.
Full Colour
no dialogue
visual art

Earth Of Delightful Gardening

A shimmering visual feast with cordially conflicting vanishing points for the eye. Natural forms seek their mutual correlations in a gently fragmented overall picture. A small-scale landscape of side-wings serves as a backdrop for a procession of scenes that glide by gently, though without really appearing to connect with one another. Silhouettes of plant forms, stammering elements, geometric peepholes and various camera movements thread themselves together and offer a flowing visual diversity. Thus the viewer takes a pleasant walk through a garden in which time and space cease to behave in a linear fashion, and where, for a while, goal-oriented viewing habits are beside the point.

director, camera, editing: Francien van Everdingen
sound: Carolien Slegers
production: Studio Eén (Karel Doing)

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